Gose Is the New Hot Beer Style Among Craft Brewers

A new type of German beer is starting to catch on in craft beer-making circles. A unique combination of sour and sometimes salty, gose is an ancient wheat beer that dominated taverns across Germany pre-WWII. According to USA Today, the old favorite is experiencing somewhat of a comeback among smaller American producers.

Boulevard Brewing Co. of Kansas City, Mo., started brewing gose as an experiment and a Christmas present to its employees, but as soon as others got a taste, it was obvious they should start producing it for retail. Boulevard ambassador brewer Jeremy Danner acknowledges the divisive nature of gose’s taste profile: “I imagine it was the first gose for a lot of Midwestern folks… we knew that some people were going to hate it.”

Gose was first seen over 1,000 years ago in the city of Goslar, Germany. The salty and sour tastes of the beer originally came form the natural water used. Some coriander spice and hops are also used to produce the low-alcohol beer. If that’s your steez, you can get your hands on a bottle of American gose from any of the following breweries: Sixpoint, Boulevard Brewing Co.Westbrook Brewing, Anderson Valley, Bluejacket. [USA Today][Photo: Flickr/Brian Cribb]