Guy Puts Resumé on Beer Cans & Scores Job

An out-of-work graphic designer put his resumé on a four-pack of home-brewed beers, according to Yahoo Food. Resum-ale, as 22-year-old Brennan Gleason labeled it, was a big hit amongst potential employers. It landed him three job offers, and now he works for digital marketing agency Techtone. 

“They were definitely kind of thrown off at first,” says Gleason of his current employers. “But when they actually saw it, they thought it was great and really liked the idea.” Gleason designed the individual labels for the beers, including bottle caps with his personal logo. The print on the front of the package describes both beer and Gleason himself; “visually pleasing, smooth, and elegant, with a bit of a wild side.” Who wouldn’t hire a job candidate who brings beer to a an interview?

Gleason’s designs were recently picked up by the online community, and landed him two more interview offers. However, he plans to stay at his current job. Check out Gleason’s work here. [Yahoo Food] [Photo: Flazingo]