How to Make $4000 a Month Buying Beer

Magic Hat beer

There are college students called “beer auditors” who get paid to buy beer. This is real. One former auditor gives the lowdown on his magical college job over at Daily Finance

As a beer auditor, Kyle Taylor completed a sort of evaluation (as opposed to a sting) as to how retail stores handle customer attempts to buy beer without an ID. Stores found to be lax with the law were then advised to retrain their employees. Taylor claims that, with some practice, an auditor can complete a transaction and its complementing report in 15 minutes. At this pace, he could hit three to four stores within an hour. Per report, auditors get paid anywhere from $10-20 plus the cost of beer, which they get to keep, thus negating a principle cost of being in collage.

Down to the real question: How do students break in? Taylor advises starting as a mystery shopper with companies like ExpertField Force or Second to None. Companies looking for auditors find recruits registered as Mystery Shoppers. If you are over 21, can pass for almost-just-21 and have a car to transport your spoils, Taylor recommends reading up on some Mystery Shopper FAQs. Perhaps an additional mini-fridge would also be in order. [Daily Finance] [Image: Flickr/dharmabumx]