Mila Kunis Is the New Face of Jim Beam

In a plot to take over the American whiskey world, Jim Beam has named actress Mila Kunis the new global face of the Kentucky bourbon brand, according to the Financial Express. The universally approachable Hollywood star appears in three short ad spots doing the “Kentucky chew,” rolling a barrel into a rickhouse and branding her own bourbon cask. They’re all part of a larger spot featuring Fred Noe, Beam’s master distiller, who shows her her around the distillery grounds and declares her “a Kentucky girl now.”

Is this part of the new money-powered ad strategy following Suntory’s acquisition of the bourbon house? Either way, it’s a clear move to draw in the 20s and 30s drinking set, specifically women who are the target audience for Beam’s line of flavored whiskies, like Jim Beam Honey. Now, if only they could get Ashton Kutcher on the Maker’s Mark game. [Financial Express]

 [YouTube: JimBeamOfficial]