More Guesses, No Solutions for Premox Wine Problem

oxidized wine

Premature oxidation or “premox,” as it’s known colloquially, is one of the wine world’s most complicated problems. In his weekly column “Jefford on Monday,” Andrew Jefford checks in on the premox problem, which has been centered squarely on white Burgundy until more recently. Now both white and red Bordeaux have become part of this perplexing issue that, as evidenced by a recent tasting posted on the Oxidized Burgs wiki (yes, such a thing exists), seems to lack a coherent solution. Even screw cap closures, once thought to be at least a short-term fix, haven’t solved the issue. Jefford offers some other potential hypotheses (fill levels, notably), but ultimately comes to no conclusion except that this is all “deeply frustrating.” [Decanter] [Image: Flickr/GerryThomasen}