Stockholm Museum Opens An Exhibition Dedicated to Beer

beer glasses

According to Fast Company, Stockholm’s Spiritmuseum is hosting a beer exhibit that celebrates the science and art of beer making. Much like in the U.S., Sweden has experienced a craft beer renaissance over the past 30 years wherein its number of breweries has jumped from nine to at least 145.

With help from design house From Us With Love, the Spiritmuseum space was transformed into a sleek exhibit covered in white tiles that mimic those found in Swedish breweries. Inside, the space is full of dioramas explaining the process of beer making, displays of vintage drinking steins and a giant wall depicting nearly every single variety and color of beer in existence.

This summer, the Beer Exhibition will extend onto the Spiritmuseum’s seaside terrace where guests can enjoy a sip of Sweden’s beer culture. If educational drinking is your idea of a day well spent, book your tickets soon; the Beer Exhibition will only be around for a year. [FastCompany] [Photo: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski]