Teens Found With $1,500 Worth of Natty Light

natty light

A group of teenagers were arrested in Mobile, Alabama, for illegal possession of 106 cases of beer – mostly Natty Light, because teenagers. According to reports from FOX-8, deputies busted the teens after a routine stop for an expired tag on the trailer that was hauling the goods.

The beer alone was worth up to $1,500 – in addition, they were carting several bottles of hard liquor and a few cases of wine, just to keep it classy. The teens were apparently stocking up on drinks for their frat’s spring break celebration. The four perps, ages 18-19, were issued minor in possession citations and sent home, and the alcohol was seized by the police to be destroyed.

No fake IDs were found on the kids, so it’s likely that they got someone to buy them $1,500 worth of Natty Light. Oh, youth. [FOX-8][Photo: Flickr/Simon Doggett]