The Drunken Glory Movement Gets Wasted on God

Something weird is happening in Minneapolis. In a city where disparate scenes of religion and drug addiction exist next door to one another, the two are coming together in an unlikely way. VICE reports via video doc on Drunken Glory, a movement of ex-addicts who have traded in getting drunk and high on the hard stuff for getting hammered on the Holy Spirit. Concentrating on one offshoot led by former meth addict Brandon Barthrop, VICE visits his Red Letter Ministry headquarters to huff diamond oil and frankincense, which Barthrop claims Jesus was huffing straight from the crib. Skip ahead to minute 21:20 to see a very uncomfortable scene with a Christian EDM (Electronic Dance Music) DJ raving to some of his signature beats. Also note that Barthrop’s desire to become a church leader require owning a Bentley, a Maserati and a Lamborghini.

The Drunken Glory movement has become best known for its public displays of non-drunkenness, which often manifest to appear exactly like drunkenness, and probably part of the reason the movement doesn’t get a lot of street cred with its more serious mega-church counterparts. However, Barthrop attests that the group has great “favor” with the police because they’re helping to take the city’s addicts of the streets. To each his own, one day at a time, etc. [VICE]