The Fastest Growing Beer Brands in America Are Mexican

A round-up of the eight fastest growing beer brands in the nation on 24/7 Wall St. raises the question: What makes a beer brand successful? Eric Shepard, executive editor of Beer Marketer’s Insights, notes that—aside from all being macro-brands—there is not one common variable underlying their positive reception: Some beers are heavily advertised (Stella), others are not (Yuengling). Some beers are foreign (Modelo), others are American (PBR).

The fastest growing beer brand in the country is Dos Equis, with shipments that grew 116 percent between 2008 and 2014. The brand, which is controlled by Heineken, can perhaps attribute its success to its “the most interesting man in the world” advertisements. Or to its refreshing chug-ability.

The number two position on the list goes to another Mexican brand—Modelo Especial—which reflects the growing “power of the Hispanic market,” according to Shepard. Unlike Dos Equis, Modelo Especial runs little to no advertising in English.

See the entire list here. [24/7 Wall St.] [Photo: Flickr/thomashawk]