What Happens When Cocktails and Christmas Shopping Collide

Sure, inhibitions lower when a few drinks are added to the usual Saturday night equation, for some it results in less dance-on-the-bar-drunk and more oops-I-bought-a-plane-ticket-to-Hawaii-tipsy. Forbes breaks down the dangers of shopping under the influence with a couple of confessors’ stories—black out plane ticket and handbag purchases included. Retailers are taking advantage of consumers’ lowered guards as well with Saks, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters all vying “for liquor licenses to incorporate bars into their retail environment…In the past year, Nordstrom doubled its food-service operations, which includes a full bar, as well as six new lounges and restaurants.” A number of solutions are offered: leave credit cards at home or put them in another room while boozily surfing the web, bring a shopping list or simply wait to drink until your shopping mission is complete. But in true PUNCH fashion, we’d rather save up a wad, order  a Champagne breakfast and shop under the influence guilt-free. [Forbes]