Angostura Bitters Winter Sour Cocktail Recipe

Angostura Sour

A riff on a Charles H. Baker cocktail, the Angostura Sour is unorthodox in its use of Angostura bitters as a base spirit creating a aromatically astringent and curiously pleasant…



The Seelbach Hotel's grand, saloon-style counter reportedly created this signature cocktail when a bartender used a Manhattan to catch the overflow from an uncorked Champagne bottle.


Shady Lane

As far as this warm-weather cooler is concerned, the Pavement classic's refrain says it all: “A Shady Lane, everybody wants one.”

Cricket Ball Spring Drink Recipe

Cricket Ball

Brad Thomas Parsons came across this understated aperitif at the Red Cat in Manhattan. So named because the drink’s hue matches the color of a traditional cricket ball.


Autumn Sweater

The bittersweet lyrics of “Autumn Sweater,” from Yo La Tengo’s 1997 album, I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One, serve as the source material for this melancholy change-of-season shoegazer.