JM Curley Boston cocktail bar

JM Curley

Boston's James Michael Curley served four mayoral terms, one gubernatorial term, two Congressional terms and two prison terms. Few politicians these days could pull all that off in one career.…

backbar Boston cocktails


Run by Sam Treadway, one of Boston's brightest bartenders, this pocket bar off an alley behind Journeyman (the progressive Somerville restaurant) covers a lot of ground for a companion piece.…

The Gallows Boston cocktails

The Gallows

This South End darling has a dark name—referring to the neighborhood's history as hanging grounds—and it lives up to it. In a good way. Inside, the Gallows is all moody,…

West Bridge Boston cocktails

West Bridge

Perhaps the best place to meet a nerd who also has good taste in food and drink, West Bridge has become MIT's de-facto bar and kitchen. Open straight through lunch…

Highball Lounge Boston cocktail bar

Highball Lounge

Highball Lounge is forgivably kitschy, mainly because it's located in a Kimpton Hotel—a chain that notoriously embraces the semi-cheesy. The bar is full of the sort of stuff you'd find…

State Park Boston cocktails

State Park

In Virginia there's an oddly named state park, Hungry Mother, called so for the tragic Molly Marley who starved to death after escaping from her Native American captors. In Cambridge,…

Tavern Road Boston cocktails

Tavern Road

"Late-night" in Boston means 11 p.m. or midnight. But relativity aside, Tavern Road is a late-night industry darling that dishes out fantastically gooey cheesesteak, grilled cheese with tomatoes and Korean…

Alden & Harlow Boston cocktails

Alden & Harlow

Boston's favorite rookie, Alden & Harrow is a very good restaurant with a very good bar. Things like the ubiquitous kale salad (no, really it's called the "ubiquitous kale salad")…

Straight Law Boston cocktails

Straight Law

From the team behind Brookline's Spanish haunt Taberna de Haro, Straight Law is named for a Savoy Cocktail Book drink that includes both sherry and gin—the bar's first two loves.…