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MONDAY - FRIDAY: 6 P.M. - 12 A.M. | SATURDAY - SUNDAY: 12 P.M. - 12 A.M.
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This tiny East Village tapas bar is a shrine to sherry and the Basque tradition of the pinxtos taverna—the ubiquitous incarnation of bar or tavern where locals gather to snack on small plates (called pintxos), gossip, tell stories, and most importantly—drink. By integrating sherry so seamlessly into its taverna concept, Donostia has accomplished something quite meaningful. In effect, it has managed to rescue the category from the realm of hipster esoterica and return it to its native context as one of the world’s most versatile food wines. Rather than treat the wines as a newish fad or curiosity, the list facilitates an encounter with sherry in the true Iberian spirit: up at the bar, surrounded by friends, with simple, delicious food to eat.


Known For
  • craft cocktails
  • full menu
  • lots of sherry
What to drink
If you'd rather a cocktail, Bartender Will Peet's (also of the NoMad Bar) ability to mix complex, compelling drink allows Donostia to seemingly defy its beer and wine-only license. Bonus:Lower-proof cocktails mean you can drink a lot more.
East Village