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When Lee Campbell took control of all of the wine programs within Andrew Tarlow’s Brooklyn restaurant empire (Marlow & Sons, Diner, Reynard, Roman’s), it was almost guaranteed that the lists would get a proper overhaul. The most “upscale” flagship of the four restaurants, and its list is a who’s who of French natural winemakers folded into what is likely the largest selection of grower champagne this side of the East River. This a great list on its own, but in context its exponentially more important as both a beacon and symbol of Williamsburg’s evolution from a strictly shitty-beer-and-shot kind of town (it still is in many ways, and thankfully so) to a place that’s fostering a budding, and unique, wine culture.

Known For
  • natural wine
  • champagne
  • craft beer
What to drink
Grower champagne, Loire, Jura and any number of the excellent craft beers on the extensive list.
There is always an excellent low-alcohol, fizzy pet-nat (pétillant naturel) on the by-the-glass list. Order a glass, some wood-fired olives and Reynard's glorious burger.