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The Four Horsemen

The brainchild of LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy and his wine expert friends, The Four Horseman has succeeded in further embedding natural wine into the fabric of Williamsburg's drinking culture. The list here is…



Commodore hasn't been around for decades, but it sure as hell feels like it. Complete with a 1980s television playing weird pulpy films in the corner, floors caked with hipster grime,…

st anselm restaurant brooklyn

St. Anselm

A railroad room with a small bar on one end and a chef's counter on the other, St. Anselm doesn't look like much from the outset. But Joe Carroll's reinvention of…

reynard restaurant brooklyn


When Lee Campbell took control of all of the wine programs within Andrew Tarlow's Brooklyn restaurant empire (Marlow & Sons, Diner, Reynard, Roman's), it was almost guaranteed that the lists…



A beautiful whitewashed space designed by Brooklyn duo the Haslegraves, Donna is one of the sweetest cocktail bars in all of New York. Aside from the warm staff who can…



In a move to shed the usual trappings of the cocktail bar and all its accoutrements, Ba'sik is a pretty—not precious—bar that could be today's version of Cheers minus Sam…


Extra Fancy

Extra Fancy is technically a restaurant, but really, it's a restaurant hiding inside a dive-y cocktail bar. This long, wavy countertop is home to some of Brooklyn's goofiest bartenders who can…


Marlow & Sons

With its dark farmhouse vibe, closely nestled tables and handwritten menus, Marlow & Sons, which opened in 2004, remains the poster child for the Brooklyn restaurant. Do as the Brooklyners…


Fette Sau

One of the pioneers of New York City's current A-game barbecue scene, Williamsburg's Fette Sau is also home to one of the best American whiskey lists in the city, which…