Chloe Frechette

Assistant Editor

Chloe Frechette has a masters degree in History of Design from the Royal College of Art where she earned distinction for her research on the material culture of cocktail consumption.

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Three-Drink Minimum: Bartending With Dorothy Elizabeth

Get to know Detroit’s Dorothy Elizabeth with a variation on the Last Word and the ultimate combination of rye and amaro.

Sorry Not Sorry: Dutch Kills’ Matty Clark on Cinnabon Vodka

In “Sorry Not Sorry,” bartenders dish on their guilty drinking pleasures. First up: Matty Clark of Dutch Kills on an iconic mall snack-flavored vodka, and how to use it.

How Japanese Are Japanese Bar Tools?

The tools we associate with Japanese bartending have come to symbolize the style’s dedication to precision. But they are, by and large, of Western origin.

Bringing the Italian Ritual of “Resentin” to the Bar World

Welcome to “In the Details,” a series on the unique features that give some of America’s most interesting bars their character. This time: the decadent ritual of “resentin” at Chicago’s Sink|Swim.

Behind the Timeless Design of the Muddler

The muddler, used to muddle fruit and herbs into cocktails, was once an all-purpose bar tool.

Three-Drink Minimum: Bartending With T.J. Lynch

In “Three-Drink Minimum,” we take a look at the drink-making style of some of our favorite bartenders, in three cocktails. Up first, T.J. Lynch on the Loaded Tecate, a Paloma-style slushy and his namesake riff on the Whiskey Smash.

Why Manzanilla Sherry Makes Everything Better

At San Francisco’s 15 Romolo, bartenders are quick to reach for manzanilla sherry, one of the driest wines in the world, as a versatile cocktail mixer.

Behind the Timeless Design of the Cobbler Shaker

Though the three-piece cocktail shaker has remained largely unchanged since its invention, it remains an important touchstone in the history of bartending.

Five Cocktails that Defined the Early Renaissance

Five drinks from the 1990s and the early aughts that changed how we drink today.

How Well Do You Actually Know the Bishop?

Here, get to know the family of ecclesiastic cocktails—among them, the Bishop, the Pope and the Cardinal—in six historic and modern drink recipes.