Jon Bonné

Senior Contributing Editor

Jon Bonné is senior contributing editor for PUNCH, wine columnist at The San Francisco Chronicle and author of The New California Wine. He is currently working on his next book, The New French Wine. He lives in New York City.

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France’s Most Underrated White Wine Steps Out

A greater number of single-cru bottlings and the arrival of newly designated sub-zones have helped Muscadet elevate its reputation, drawing worthy comparisons to white Burgundy. But what will it take for the region to truly set itself apart? Jon Bonné considers Muscadet’s past and future through the eyes of the winemakers looking to reshape it.

Why Swabia Is Europe’s Next Great Wine Region

The regions of Baden and Württemberg—collectively referred to as “Swabia”—have long produced wines that defy what we’ve come to connote with “German wine,” in large part because they are less distinctly German than they are a hybrid of various central European wine cultures. Jon Bonné on why they may be the next big thing.

The Wine Stories That Will Shape 2016

From California doubling down on Tuesday night wines to Oregon’s embrace of a new muse to the Savoie finally climbing out of the Jura’s hip-cocked shadow, Jon Bonné lays out the wine stories that will make a difference in 2016.

Wine Collecting for Real People

Wine collecting doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) just for the one percent. Jon Bonné on how real people can start a wine collection, via the regions and producers that offer value at non-prohibitive prices.

Wine Collecting Beyond the Bloodsport

In the last 20 years, wine collecting has become a rarefied sport, fraught with testosterone-fueled auctions and scandalizing fraud. But there is still longevity and value to be found in affordable wines—if you know where to look. Jon Bonné on how we got here, and and how to play the game by playing outside of it.

Where Is America’s Cider Revival Headed?

Cider is undeniably having a moment in America, one that bears resemblance to the state of California wine a century ago. Jon Bonné on the current cider revival, and the guy who has become a symbol of where it might lead.

Long Island Wine’s Hunt for a New Identity

Long Island wine has long been stymied by a number of factors—most notably its initial Bordeaux aspirations. But despite the odds stacked against it, that’s changing. Jon Bonné meets with the winemakers, both new and established, who are charting a new path ahead.

What Does It Take to Be a Great Wine Reference Book Today?

This month, two of wine’s most iconic books—The Oxford Companion to Wine and The Wine Bible—saw updated editions. Jon Bonné reviews both, and considers the challenge of staying current and authoritative in today’s ever-changing wine world.

The Great Equalizing of Natural Wine

The natural wine movement has gone from fringe to more visible over the last several years. With it, the context in which we encounter and experience the wines has begun to change, too. Jon Bonné on the next “Nat Pack” and a new, friendlier era of natural wine consumption.

Will the Real Jura Please Stand Up?

Over the last decade, the Jura has emerged as an impossibly hip antihero for a new era of wine consumption. But how much of the region’s accepted narrative is actually true, and how much of it has been fabricated by our own blind adoration? Jon Bonné separates fact from fiction.