Zachary Sussman

Zachary Sussman is a Brooklyn-based wine writer whose work has appeared in Saveur, Wine & Spirits, Bon Appétit and The Wall Street Journal Magazine, among many others. He received the award for 2016 Emerging Wine Writer of the Year from the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers' Awards.

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Inside the Wine Cellar at Union Square Cafe

At Union Square Cafe, wine director Jason Wagner is putting his stamp on a New York classic. Here, five bottles that define the list.

What Is “Classic” German Riesling?

Today’s trend towards dryness has helped redefine German riesling. But detractors argue that naturally sweeter wines are truer expressions of the country’s winemaking past. Whom are we to believe?

Why Wine Matters

Rhapsodizing about wine can seem superficial in fraught times, but it represents values that have never been more important. Zachary Sussman on what we mean by “world of wine,” and how it stands as a symbol of open cultural exchange, and resilience.

The American Nouveau Wines to Drink Now

The recent American adoption of the “nouveau” style long associated solely with Beaujolais continues. Zachary Sussman on the best bottles to drink this season.

What Is Authenticity in Wine?

What do you do when a region challenges your notions of how to define authenticity in wine? Zachary Sussman on how the Styria region of Austria is reshaping the perception of “identity”—and sauvignon blanc—in the wine world.

What Happened to Chianti?

Chianti’s ubiquity has, perversely, also been its downfall. Zachary Sussman on what our indifference to a classic wine like Chianti reveals about us and why it might be time to reconsider.

In Search of the True Vinho Verde

Long synonymous with slightly fizzy wines meant to be thrown back with abandon, Portugal’s Vinho Verde region is looking to prove that it’s capable of a whole lot more. Zachary Sussman on the region’s dueling identities, and the search for what will come to define the next generation of Vinho Verde wines.

Gendered Wine Marketing Is Still All Too Real

Even in 2016, many wine brands are still integrating a handful of tired gender stereotypes into their marketing campaigns and brand identities. Zachary Sussman on the research that’s given rise to the disconcerting trend of gendering wine.

How We Got to the Premier Cru Wine Scandal

The pre-arrival model of buying wine has been entrenched stateside for decades, but in the wake of Premier Cru’s implosion, the question emerges: Is it still worth it? Zachary Sussman on how the system has evolved, from the birth of en primeur Bordeaux in the U.S. to today.

Beer’s Evolving Role at the Restaurant Table

Though wine has long commanded the attention of beverage directors, beer is experiencing an unprecedented wave of representation in the country’s top restaurants. Zachary Sussman on the shift and what it signals about both beer and dining culture.