Zachary Sussman

Zachary Sussman is a Brooklyn-based wine writer whose work has appeared in Saveur, Wine & Spirits, Bon Appétit and The Wall Street Journal Magazine, among many others. He received the award for 2016 Emerging Wine Writer of the Year from the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers' Awards.

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How Champagne Snuck onto New York’s Italian Wine Lists

Welcome to “The List,” a column exploring the country’s most notable wine lists. This week, Zachary Sussman on why some of NYC’s Italian restaurants—notably Marta and Maialino—are among the city’s top destinations for Champagne.

Growing Pains: The Shifting Image of Champagne

Champagne Louis Roederer’s release of its first “Brut Nature” wine, adorned with a minimalist label and a narrative that reads more “grower” than Grands Marques, has cracked open a discussion about the changing identity of Champagne and its values.

Is the Jura Dealing with the “Urban Outfitters Effect”?

When news broke that one of the Jura’s beloved producers will lease vineyard land to famed Burgundy winemaker Guillaume d’Angerville, it inspired a wealth of complaints and speculation. Is the Jura poised to become the indie band whose fans struggle with its mainstream success?

American Nouveau Wines Have Arrived

To most Americans, Beaujolais Nouveau is synonymous with the mass-produced wines of Georges Duboeuf. But in recent years, it’s been reimagined by Beaujolais icons like Jean Foillard, inspiring a crop of U.S. winemakers to follow suit. Zachary Sussman on the rise of America’s own nouveau tradition.

What’s Up With Fèvre’s New “Hipster Edition” Chablis?

This year, storied Burgundy producer Domaine William Fèvre released what many assumed to be joke: a glow-in-the-dark “Hipster Edition” Chablis. Zachary Sussman on what it signals for the current generation of wine drinkers.

Jeans and Blue-Chip Wines Collide at NYC’s Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

Welcome to “The List,” a column exploring the country’s most notable wine lists. This week, New York columnist Zachary Sussman visits Aldo Sohm Wine Bar to find out what “casual” means to the team behind three Michelin-starred Le Bernardin.

A Crash Course in Sherry by Way of San Sebastián

Welcome to “The List,” a column exploring the country’s most notable wine lists. Up first, New York columnist Zachary Sussman visits Donostia, an Iberian pintxos taverna in the East Village with an unprecedented sherry list.

Santorini Rediscovers Its Forgotten Wines

The dominant style of Santorini white wines—brisk, acid-driven and clean—are actually a very modern creation. Zachary Sussman explores a crop of producers reinterpreting a pre-industrial, barrel-fermented style known as “Nykteri”—a far more accurate representation of the island’s winemaking past.

The Making of a Rosé-Colored Craze

Not long ago, rosé was synonymous with sweet, low-budget blush wine. But over the past decade, pink wine’s unprecedented rise has established it not only as serious—even cult—wine, but as an aspirational lifestyle brand unto itself. Zachary Sussman on how rosé happened.

Grand Cru or Brand Cru? LVMH’s Symbolic Move Into Burgundy

Burgundy has always seemed immune to luxury branding. But LVMH’s recent purchase of a storied grand cru vineyard has many worried that the region is amidst a cultural reorganization that’s been years in the making.