broken bike cocktail recipe jeffrey morgenthaler

Broken Bike

The Broken Bike is a riff on the Bicicletta, a sprightly mix of Campari, white wine and sparkling water. This version swaps Campari for Cynar.

gin sour cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Gin Sour

This version of the lemon, sugar and spirit-based sour strikes a dry and citrusy balance between gin and lemon juice.

stinger cocktail recipe


This iconic pre-Prohibition cocktail—an unlikely combo of white crème de menthe and cognac shaken and served up—stormed bar menus in the 1920s, becoming a favorite among high society.


Sloe Gin Fizz

Until recently, sloe gin was best known as a base of such absurdly named collegiate classics as the Alabama Slammer and the Sloe Comfortable Screw, likely due to its provocative purple hue.

morning glory cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Morning Glory Fizz

From the name, it can be assumed this drink by late-1800s bartender Harry Johnson is meant to ease greeting the day with the hair of the dog.

gin fizz cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Gin Fizz

The gin iteration of the classic 19th century fizz template may be the most famous, but rightly so, especially when it comes to warm-weather drinking.

sea fizz cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Seapea Fizz

It’s said that the Seapea Fizz is named for songwriter and composer Cole Porter. The original version is a simple mix of sugar, lemon and “sweetened Anis” shaken and topped with soda water.

ramos gin fizz cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Ramos Gin Fizz

Walk into any cocktail bar and order a Ramos Gin Fizz and you’ll either be greeted with an aggravated grunt or a delighted bartender eager to shake the hell out of one of the most laborious classics.

lawless cocktail


In an effort to recreate the time-honored ritual of smoking and drinking, Stephanie Teslar began ingeniously smoking cocktail glasses with tobacco. And what goes with tobacco? Bourbon.

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