Carrot Margarita

This Detox/Intox drink from LA photographers Dylan + Jeni couples a spicy carrot juice blend with the architecture of a classic blended Margarita.

sour cherry shandy cocktail recipe

Sour Cherry Shandy

Muddled and mixed with lime juice and orange liqueur, tart sour cherries are an unexpected, yet amicable companion to crisp lager in this shandy-style drink.

avocado jalapeno margarita mason shaker cocktail recipe

Jalapeño Avocado Margarita

Inspired by two major summer food groups, chips and guacamole, this is guaca-Margarita hybrid has just the right amount of kick lent from fresh jalapeño.

honey berry lemonade cocktail recipe mason shaker

Honey-Berry Lemonade

A hallmark of summer, a simple, icy glass of lemonade could not get better. That is, unless you add booze and some berries.

garden star cocktail recipe mason shaker

Garden Star

Somewhere between a Southside and a Gimlet, this savory cocktail combines crisp summer cucumbers with cooling mint and gin.

de la louisiane cocktail recipe

De La Louisiane

This deep, boozy number is traditionally equal parts rye, Bénédictine and sweet vermouth. In this version, from The PDT Cocktail Book, the ratio of rye is upped to cut the sweetness.

obispo cocktail recipe john perry yates

Obispo Cocktail

Created for the 2014 World Cup match between Brazil and Chile, the Obispo cocktail is one of a dozen variations of the “red-wine-citrus-and-sometimes-rum” Bishop cocktail—a favorite of Dickens.

tico kafes cocktail recipe john perry yates

Tico Kafés

Created for the 2014 World Cup match between Greece and Costa Rica, the Tico Kafés mixes the anise flavor of ouzo with coffee, similar to Italy’s caffè coretto alla sambuca.


Knob Kriek

Created for the 2014 World Cup match between the U.S. and Belgium, this distant relative of the John Collins pairs sweet, oaky bourbon with the tart funky cherries of a traditional Belgian brew.

jules rimet cocktail recipe john perry yates

Jules Rimet

Created for the 2014 World Cup match final between Argentina and Germany, this mano-a-mano recipe is nothing more than a picon-bière in which hearty, chocolatey Doppelbock stands up to Fernet’s bitter kick.

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