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A classic sherry drink that echoes several classics—the 1:1:1 ratio skews Negroni, while splitting dry vermouth with an oxidized sherry and an olive garnish (or in this case, a blended sherry) seems to wink at the Perfect Martini.

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Up-To-Date Cocktail

Manhattanesque in both composition and deliciousness, this classic sherry cocktail welcomes bourbon if you prefer your whiskey a little sweeter, or oloroso if you fancy a bit more viscosity.

noce vecchio cocktail recipe illustration john perry yates

Noce Vecchio

Made from entirely Italian ingredients, the Noce Vecchio (literally “old nut”) is a Futurist play on the Old Hickory, a New Orleans cocktail that mixes sweet and dry vermouth with a healthy helping of bitters.

negroni shakerato cocktail recipe john perry yates

Negroni Shakerato

The Shakerato takes the classic stirred combination of Campari, sweet vermouth and gin and shakes them into an icy, pink froth.

aperol spritz jello shot cocktail recipe john perry yates illustration

Aperol Spritz Jello Shots

Aperol, the classic Italian ingredient from Padua, provides the lightly bitter base for this unexpected iteration of the most famous spritz cocktail.

root beer float cocktail recipe john perry yates illustration

“Root Beer Float”

This bittersweet, fluffy mixture—which takes its inspiration from the Italian Futurist approach to mixology—is somewhere in between a Ramos Gin Fizz and the soda fountain classic.

orange wine cocktail recipe illustration john perry yates

“Orange Wine”

A mixture of slightly bitter Contratto Bianco, oxidized Carpano Antica and savory Strega, an herbal Italian liqueur, mimic the flavor and color of orange wine.

negroni alla fiama cocktail recipe john perry yates illustration

Negroni Alla Fiama

A Negroni made breakfast-ready, the Alla Fiama pulls back the classic’s proportions to be slightly lower proof and adds freshly-squeezed peach juice to mimic the a.m. style of a Bellini.

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