Cold in the Shadows Cocktail

Cold in the Shadows

An ode to Northern California, the Cold in the Shadows hints at San Francisco’s chilly umbra, even in the warmest of months.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

A combination of amaro, tonic and lemon, the Blood Moon ticks all the aperitivo boxes.

Frozen Sgroppino

Frozen Sgroppino

Expanding the repertoire of classic aperitivo cocktails, Joe Campanale adds his Frozen Sgroppino, a mix of vodka, lemon sorbet and prosecco.

Frozen Negroni Recipe

Alta Linea’s Frozen Negroni

Alta Linea’s Frozen Negroni takes the classic Italian staple and dresses it up in a new summer look by way of grapefruit sorbet.



This version of the Garibaldi dials back the Campari and gets topped with prosecco.

Punch House Spritz

Punch House Spritz

Everyone should have a house spritz—a seasonal standard whose proportions are known by heart and ingredients are stocked easily. This is ours.

St Germain Cocktail

The St-Germain Cocktail

The St-Germain Cocktail, the classic spritz variation fueled by the iconic elderflower liqueur, embodies the spirit of low-alcohol conviviality prevalent throughout Europe.

Frozemonade Froze at Extra Fancy


Take frozen rosé and lemonade and smush it all together,” says Rob Krueger, and you wind up with the immediately enjoyable and supremely crushable frozémonade.

Dr. Strangelove Cocktail Recipe

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove calls on a triple base of rum, but pulls in ingredients—kiwi, aloe vera liqueur—that are vaguely tropical, but hardly classic.

Absent Stars Cocktail Recipe

Absent Stars

Nick Detrich’s riff on tiki sees the unusual addition of Campari to up the bitterness.

Drink With Us

Drink With Us

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