hot buttered rhum cider ed anderson slanted door

Hot Buttered Rhum Cider

This strong, hot, rich drink is shelter from a cold San Francisco night.

bumble bee cocktail recipe ed anderson slanted door

Bumble Bee

A crowd favorite, this frothy, rich and bright drink is from Charles H. Baker’s The South American Gentleman’s Companion.

ed anderson gin fizz tropical slanted door

Gin Fizz Tropical

A fancy silver fizz from Charles H. Baker’s 1939 Gentleman’s Companion made with orgeat, pineapple gum and a decadent garnish.

brandy lift cocktail the slanted door

Brandy Lift

A mix between a fizz and a Brandy Milk Punch, the Brandy Lift is essentially a New York egg cream with alcohol.

ed anderson rhum punch slanted door

Agricole Rhum Punch

In this rustic punch The Slanted Door uses 100-proof Martinique rum and flavors the drink with the Christmas spices nutmeg and allspice.

brooklyn classic cocktail


While less known than its more famous neighbor’s namesake drink, the Brooklyn—which dates back to the first decade of the 20th century—has largely toiled in obscurity since Prohibition.

red hook cocktail milk & honey

Red Hook

While there a number of modern drinks that have played off the classic compositions of both the Manhattan and the Brooklyn, Enzo Errico’s is one of the more enduring modern riffs.

bronx cocktail recipe


Created by Johnnie Solan, a legendary pre-Prohibition bartender at New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria, the Bronx is a loose cross between an orange Gin Sour and a Perfect Martini.

suburban cocktail recipe brooklyn spirits max kelly

The Suburban

The Suburban is both a classic race and a classic cocktail. A New York original, it’s the only cocktail we’re aware of that combines whiskey, port and rum.

royal ascot cocktail recipe brooklyn spirits max kelly

Royal Ascot

Pimm’s Cups are popular at many summer horse racing meets in the UK, including the Royal Ascot. This version was whipped up in honor of No Nay Never, a horse who made his mark at Royal Ascot in 2013 when he won the prestigious Norfolk stakes.

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