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Viva Alberti

Named for the memory of Giuseppe Alberti, who founded the Strega distillery in 1860 in Benevento, Italy, this herbal, savory spritz boldly carries his name forth.

improved shochu cocktail bar goto

Improved Shochu Cocktail

Kenta Goto’s distant riff on the Improved Whiskey Cocktail that combines barley shochu, aged gin and hop liqueur.

watermelon-cucumber cooler bar goto

Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler

In Japan, salt is often sprinkled atop watermelon to enhance the flavor. The same flavor combination inspired Kenta Goto’s seasonal highball combining gin, wasabi powder, watermelon and cucumber.

sakura martini bar goto

Sakura Martini

Bar Goto’s house Martini utilizes the salted cherry blossom as replacement for the hint of saltiness that an olive typically brings, combined with the subtle florality and sweetness of maraschino and the dry, vinous quality of sake.

umami mary cocktail bar goto nyc

Umami Mary

Kenta Goto’s Korean hot pot-inspired play on the Bloody Mary, combining shitake mushrooms, miso and Clamato.

calpico fizz cocktail bar goto new york city

Yuzu-Calpico Fizz

Westerners might describe the Calpico Fizz as a “Tom Collins with yuzu and Calpico.” In Japan, it might be classified as an updated version of “Chu-hi,” which is essentially a shochu highball.

honeycut la cosmopolitan cocktail

Honeycut’s Post-Shift Cosmo

Honeycut’s late-night variation on the classic Cosmo.

red wine illustration

Red Sangria

Donostia’s sangria riff won’t slow the party down; this low-proof version swaps out the traditional brandy for a complex, spicy vermouth, played up with fresh ginger and cardamom.

new recipes for sangria

The Ace Hotel’s Sangria

A traditional sangria, lightened up with crisp rosé and pisco, finds a new balance while maintaining its dangerous chuggability.

strawberry letter brian hawthorne

Strawberry Letter

Hawthorne’s crimson-colored punch is a summery, sophisticated combination of gin, Lillet Rouge and strawberries, turned effervescent with sparkling wine.

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