hot for teacher cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Hot for Teacher

A tikified version of Hot Buttered Rum, Matthew Belanger and Shannon Tebay’s Hot for Teacher adds banana, a proprietary “Improved Gardenia Mix”—a blend of honey, butter, cinnamon and Donn’s spices—coconut and two types of rum.

spanish coffee cocktail recipe.

Spanish Coffee

The Spanish Coffee is known as “Carajillo” in Spain, likely perhaps for coraje, “courage,” or que ara guillo, Catalan for “now, I’m leaving in a hurry,” an order for both coffee and booze without any dilly-dally.

white russian cocktail recipe toby cecchini daniel krieger

White Russian

There are many variations on the classic 1960s drink, but this version by New York bartender Toby Cecchini, allows for the option of aged rum instead of vodka, new and old-school coffee liqueurs, walnut liqueur and amaretto-spiked whipped cream.

brandy alexander cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Brandy Alexander

The Brandy Alexander, also known as the Alexander No. 2 is a mix of equal parts brandy, crème de cacao and cream dusted with freshly grated nutmeg.

a la mode cocktail recipe daniel krieger

A La Mode

New York bartender Karin Stanley’s spicy, creamy ode to apple pie a la mode is almost better than the thing itself. Because, well, bourbon.

rattle skull historic colonial cocktail

Rattle Skull

With its heavy mix of porter beer, rum or brandy, lime and brown sugar, the Rattle Skull was an efficient mixture for the impatient colonist.

stone fence historic cocktail

Stone Fence

Before raiding Fort Ticonderoga at the beginning of the Revolutionary War in 1775, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys went drinking at the Remington Tavern, where they knocked back a few of these.

hot ale flip cocktail recipe historic

Hot Ale Flip

Composed of beer, molasses, eggs and rum, Hot Ale Flips were all the rage at a time when fire pokers were ubiquitous hearth accouterments and warm beer was lauded as tonic.

hot buttered rhum cider ed anderson slanted door

Hot Buttered Rhum Cider

This strong, hot, rich drink is shelter from a cold San Francisco night.

bumble bee cocktail recipe ed anderson slanted door

Bumble Bee

A crowd favorite, this frothy, rich and bright drink is from Charles H. Baker’s The South American Gentleman’s Companion.

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