royal pimm's cup erik adkins slanted door

Royal Pimm’s Cup

Slanted Door’s Erik Adkins wantonly tosses all tradition to the wind in his Royal Pimm’s Cup, which is built upon a boozy Pimm’s Mix of his own making, and topped lavishly with sparkling wine.

rustic pimms cup chantal tseng

Rustic Pimm’s Cup

Chantal Tseng’s mash-up of sophisticated Wimbledon cocktail and gap-year-friendly shandy blends high and low sensibilities into one summer-ready drink.

heart-shaped box pimms riff cocktail recipe

Heart-Shaped Box

While layering gin on gin isn’t everyone’s definition of less, Schwenk’s heady variation of a Pimm’s Cup gets a modern flavor boost from lemongrass and raspberries, all topped with bitter lemon soda.

maison premiere summer pimms cup

Maison Summer Pimm’s #16

Summer 2015’s version of Maison Premiere’s Pimm’s Cup takes a tour through Rio, mellowing out a bitter-heavy recipe featuring grapefruit and Aperol with a base of unaged cachaça and, naturally, Pimm’s.

boardwalk flyer damon boelte cocktail recipe grand army bar brooklyn

Boardwalk Flyer

Damon Boelte of Grand Army Bar’s combination of aged cachaça, vermouth and banana liqueur all swizzled together into a perfect beach drink.

american royal zephyr damon bielte cocktail recipe grand army bar brooklyn

American Royal Zephyr

Grand Army Bar’s Damon Boelte likes to joke that the boozy American Royal Zephyr doesn’t have anything in it that isn’t alcohol: “What could be more American than that?”

bacchanalia cocktail recipe


Riffing on the familiar flavors of Sangria, the drink is made American by the addition of rye, but takes yet one more unexpected turn with a topper of Lambrusco, making a drink that falls somewhere in between a high-proof spritz and a Whiskey Smash.

tiki cocktail greece mastiha


Spyros Patsialos, former manager of Greece’s Faltso Bar, created this highly complex tiki drink using the native Greek spirit, mastiha, as the base.

barrelhouse flat's whiskey smash

Barrelhouse Flat’s Whiskey Smash

This is the Chicago bar Barrelhouse Flat’s subtle riff on the “julep on a small plan.”

barrelhouse flat that's probably him cocktail

That’s Probably Him

Fresh flavors of apricot and lemon mingle in harmony to take this sparkling cocktail from Jimmy Hibbard far and above its gin Martini roots.

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