cocoa and singani liqueur

Cocoa-Infused Singani

This homemade infusion of singani and cocoa is from La Paz’s Restaurant GUSTU, which uses two native and beloved products to produce a flavored brandy that tastes of Bolivia.

gustu julep singani


At Restaurant GUSTU, bartenders combine local spirit singani with vodka, mint and chocolate bitters, in a decidedly Bolivian variation on the Julep.

banana boulevardier

Anvil’s Banana Boulevardier

Shift drinks kismet occurred when Anvil’s Terry Williams mixed banana liqueur with Campari, resulting in his fruity take on the Boulevardier.


Ancho Problem

In response to the request for “something spicy, with tequila,” Ezra Star whips up this chile- and blanco tequila-spiked cocktail.

cucumber citrus illustration

Midnight Stinger

This Fernet-laced riff on the classic Whiskey Sour formula is Sam Ross’s go-to drink for “whiskey/citrus/bitter” requests at the NYC bar Attaboy.

blue moon cocktail


In this homage to the strong women of the Mexican Revolution, Crème de Violette adds a note of soft florals to the strong combination of tequila and Cocchi Americano.

hungry hungry hipster beer cocktail

Hungry Hungry Hipster

Bartender Toby Maloney’s riff on the “bro-mosa,” an ironic play on the Mimosa consisting of Miller High Life and orange juice.

viva alberti spritz will elliott maison premiere

Viva Alberti

Named for the memory of Giuseppe Alberti, who founded the Strega distillery in 1860 in Benevento, Italy, this herbal, savory spritz boldly carries his name forth.

improved shochu cocktail bar goto

Improved Shochu Cocktail

Kenta Goto’s distant riff on the Improved Whiskey Cocktail that combines barley shochu, aged gin and hop liqueur.

watermelon-cucumber cooler bar goto

Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler

In Japan, salt is often sprinkled atop watermelon to enhance the flavor. The same flavor combination inspired Kenta Goto’s seasonal highball combining gin, wasabi powder, watermelon and cucumber.

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