Japanese Whisky Highball Recipe

Engawa’s Japanese Highball

The highball method practiced at a small sake (and whiskey) bar in Ishikawa prefecture called Washu Bar Engawa.

Manischewitz Cocktail Recipe

The Drunken Pharaoh

A measure of bourbon and lemon counterbalance this otherwise cloying concoction while crushed matzo and Manischewitz bring this cocktail as close to kosher as you can get this passover.

Manischewitz Cocktail Recipe

Sammy Davis Jr. Sour

Co-created by bartenders Pam Wiznitzer and Jonathan Pogash, this drink flips the traditional New York Sour with Manischewitz.

Manischewitz Margarita

Meshugenah Margarita

Jill Dobias uses Manischewitz to add vibrant color and fruity sweetness to a Margarita, while balancing out the tartness of lime juice.

Mezcal Spritz Recipe

La Quebrada Spritz

Austin Hartman’s crema de mezcal-based take on the spritz draws its name from Hartman’s grandfather’s pasttime, cliff-diving in Acapulco.

Una Vita da Signore from Chorus

Una Vita da Signori

At his cocktail bar near the Vatican, Massimo D’Addezio combines mezcal and Martini Gran Lusso with bitter flavors and an amaro infused with Cinchona, Peruvian bark and bitter orange.

Negroni del Professore from Jerry Thomas Project

Negroni del Professore

This twist on the classic Negroni uses Vermouth del Professore Classico, an aromatized wine made from Moscato grapes and based on a recipe created by Rome’s The Jerry Thomas Project.

Carbonara Sour from Co.So. Cocktail & Social

Carbonara Sour

Co.So’s Carbonara Sour is a fresh and light vodka sour, with black pepper and citrus introducing a little kick, and a mellow savoriness from the guanciale-washed (fat-infused) vodka.

Caput Mundi from 47 Barrato

Caput Mundi

Emanuele Broccatelli’s cocktail named for his native city draws on the anise flavors that once characterized Roman desserts and drinks, like caffé corretto.

calindri 47 barrato


Named for film actor and Cynar spokesperson Ernesto Calindri, Emanuele Broccatelli’s cocktail utilizes flavors that might appear during a Roman meal.

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