ti punch cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Ti’ Punch

The Ti’ Punch is Martinique’s national cocktail, and the island’s answer to America’s Old-Fashioned. Traditionally it includes a heavy dose of rhum agricole rounded out with touch of lime juice and a splash of cane syrup,

mauser cocktail will peet tiki recipe

The Mauser

Loosely based on the Zombie, Will Peet’s Mauser is a sherry-based tiki cocktail that incorporates all the traditional flavors of the classic, but dismisses the rum.

three dots and a dash cocktail recipe daniel krieger paul mcgee

Three Dots and a Dash

At Chicago’s tiki revival mecca Three Dots and a Dash, the bar’s namesake cocktail gets a slight tweak from its original formula and an over-the-top garnish.

planters punch tiki recipe classic

Planter’s Punch

Planter’s Punch can be traced back to a time when the West Indies were considered exotic, and recipes were written in verse. “Two of sour, one and a half of sweet, three of strong and four of weak.”

padang swizzle tiki drink fort defiance recipe

Padang Swizzle

Named for the capital of West Sumatra, Indonesia, Zac Overman’s Padang Swizzle plays with traditional tiki flavors, but adds a European twist.

white ombie tiki recipe fort defiance

White Zombie

Zac Overman of Fort Defiance’s retooled version of Don the Beachcomber’s 1930s classic hews tightly to the traditional Zombie blueprint, but calls for an all white spirit base instead of the traditional three or four rums.

chartreuse swizzle cocktail recipe marco dionysos daniel krieger

Chartreuse Swizzle

A swizzle for the 21st century, Marco Dinoysos’s tall, frosty cocktail rejiggers the traditional Caribbean Rum Swizzle with green Chartreuse, a lime-colored, herbal French liqueur.

angostura colada tiki recipe fort defiance

Angostura Colada

Based on the structure of a traditional Piña Colada (rum, pineapple and coconut), Zac Overman’s riff on the Piña Colada replaces most of the rum with spicy Angostura bitters.



A tiki-fied shandy, the Altstadt (the German for “historic city center”) combines two seemingly opposite flavor styles—German-Austrian and tropical—for a pleasantly spicy, herbaceous beer cocktail.

zombie tiki recipe rum


The Zombie is a prime example of Don the Beachcomber’s typical concoction: strong and rather mysterious. Bar lore says that the original was so potent that customers could order no more than two in one sitting.

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