second serve sherry cocktail dan greenbaum

Second Serve

As a lower alcohol, softer-hitting drink, Dan Greenbaum’s combination of Amaro Montenegro and fino sherry is a friendly Spain vs. Italy matchup.

quincentuple your money matthew belanger donna cocktail bitter

Quincentuple Your Money

Named after a song by the punk band The Lawrence Arms, the Quincetuple Your Money is Matthew Belanger’s “bitter tikified mash-up of a Rome With A View and a Bizzy Izzy Highball.”

bitter intentions cocktail bobby heugel

Bitter Intentions

A combination of sour, sweet and bitter Heugel turns the Americano on its head and kicks it up with citrus for a cross between a bitter highball and a sour.

arrowhead limited cocktail damon boelte grand army bar

Arrowhead Limited

Ever a lover of combining beer with bitters, Damon Boelte of Brooklyn’s Grand Army Bar tops this “mezcal Negroni” with IPA for a smoky and bitter, yet refreshing long drink.

quit that racquet cocktail greg best house drink hack spring

Quit That Racquet

Curaçao steps up to center stage in this elegant gin cocktail (which can be served up or topped with soda) from Atlanta’s Greg Best.

purity of the turf gin cocktail matt piacentini house cocktail hack spring

Purity of the Turf

A lighter, rhubarb-tinged spin on the Martinez from The Up & Up’s Matt Piacentini adds layers of bitter complexity and keeps the sweetness in check.

fast rigging cocktail rum greg best house cocktail hack

Fast Rigging

Muddled celery, ginger and mint make this bright, citrusy rum drink from Atlanta’s Greg Best zingy and green, while a cracked pepper garnish bumps it up the savory spectrum.

hole in the fence matt piacentini house cocktail hack spring

Hole in the Fence

The mojito heads to tiki-town in this rhubarb-spiked mint-and-rum refresher from Matt Piacentini of NYC’s The Up & Up.

high line fizz house cocktail hack pamela wiznitzer

High Line Fizz

A orange-tinged spin on a classic gin fizz from Pamela Wiznitzer of Seamstress in NYC.

overlook cocktail pine liqueur

The Overlook

A resinous riff on the Gin Sour, the Overlook’s cool spice comes courtesy Douglas Fir eau de vie from Portland’s Clear Creek distillery.

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