ward eight boston yvonne's

Yvonne’s Ward Eight

This version of the Ward Eight, created in collaboration with David Wondrich, gets a nutty complexity thanks to half-ounce of palo cortado sherry.

ward eight boston the mahatma

The Mahatma

An homage to Martin “Mahatma” Lomasney, who was allegedly the recipient of the first Ward Eight cocktail in 1898, this riff modernizes the drink with hibiscus-infused grenadine and a spritz of orange oil.

ward eight boston hojoko

Hojoko’s Ward Eight

A classic Ward Eight as seen through the lens of an anything-but-classic izakaya.

ward eight boston chad arnholt

Chad Arnholt’s Ward Eight

Former Boston bartender Chad Arnholt’s version of the city’s classic cocktail, which dials down the orange juice and adds lemon juice for a drink that more closely resembles the Whiskey Sour.

white negroni sbagliato

White Negroni Sbagliato

Herbal Suze meets bianco vermouth in Toby Cecchini’s sbagliato version of the modern-classic White Negroni.


The Greenbelt

The smokiness of tequila complements pairs nicely with génépy at Whisler’s in Austin, where head bartender Matthew Ross pairs the two in summer menu favorite, the citrus- and verdita-fueled The Greenbelt.

natoma street sherry cocktail

Natoma St.

Caitlin Laman’s “refreshing, herbal, bitter, sherry-driven cocktail that you can drink all night long.”

stone fence cider cocktail

Stone Fence Riff #1

JP Fetherston’s variation on the colonial classic kicks up the flavor with the welcome addition of peppery allspice syrup and citrus.


Mexican Tricycle

The Mexican Tricycle was born as “a distant cousin to my old coworker Jeff Morgenthaler’s Broken Bike,” which is itself a riff on the classic Italian aperitivo cocktail, the Bicicletta.

gin and juice wassail cider cocktail

Gin & Juice

This iteration of Wassail’s mainstay cocktail is a play on the G&T kicked up with Spanish cider.

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