overlook cocktail pine liqueur

The Overlook

A resinous riff on the Gin Sour, the Overlook’s cool spice comes courtesy Douglas Fir eau de vie from Portland’s Clear Creek distillery.

picon biere cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Picon Bière

The Picon Bière is France’s version of a shandy based on the now-obscure bitter orange liqueur, Amer Picon.

bitter orange amer picon diy

DIY Amer Picon

American bartenders, including Darren Scott of Austin’s laV, have begun to create their own versions of the lost French bitter, Amer Picon, like this version combining amaro with an orange bitter base and an orange liqueur.

brown derby cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Brown Derby

Born at the posh address of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, the Brown Derby is a bourbon-fueled vestige of 1930s glitz and glamour.

negroni illustration

Mountain Man

In this kicked up whiskey sour, Natasha David forgoes fresh peaches in lieu of Giffard’s Pêche de Vigne to accentuate the roundness of maple syrup and the spice of ginger.

cucumber citrus illustration

Summer of George

Bartender Jeremy Oertel’s pear- and tequila-infused riff on a Mai Tai.

kapre cocktail recipe

The Kapre

A banana-infused riff on the caipirinha from Matt Grippo of Blackbird in San Francisco.

walk this way cocktail 27 at the freehand miami

Walk This Way

Essentially a tropical sherry sour, this drink—from the team behind Miami Beach’s alt-hostel oasis—mixes together rich cream sherry with tart passion fruit puree and hibiscus syrup for a veritable flower bed of a cocktail.

up in smoke cocktail 27 at the freehand miami

Up in Smoke

Turning the idea of a Whiskey Sour on its head, the bar team at The Freehand Hotel in Miami first takes a batch of fresh, ripe strawberries, smokes them in a meat smoker and turns them into a hazy, pink syrup.

orchard caipirinha recipe broken shaker miami

Orchard Caipirinha

This version of the classic Caipirinha is evocative of the autumn months (when Miami Beach still swelters at 80 degrees) with the addition of spiced apple syrup layered over lime juice for lift.

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