A riff on the Last Word combining Chinese mangosteen fruit, tequila, mezcal, yellow Chartreuse and celery bitters, the Nightmarcher is garnished with frozen smoked mangosteen served on a pineapple leaf.

fay wray banana tiki cocktail

Fay Wray

Strong, but balanced and fruity, but not sweet, the Fay Wray mixes the classic flavors of beach drinks—rum, lime and demerara syrup—with the toasted notes of cognac and banana.

rome with a view cocktail recipe michael mcilroy

Rome With a View

Somewhere between an afternoon-appropriate Collins and an Americano, the Rome With a View mixes bittersweet Campari, dry vermouth, tart lime and soda.

sailor sunset cocktail recipe daniel krieger

Sailor’s Sunset

A Caribbeanized Collins with rum, ginger and Campari, the Sailor’s Sunset is named for the saying, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”

florodora classic cocktail recipe


This raspberry and gin classic is an homage to the “Florodora Sextette,” six scandalously beautiful young ladies who danced in the 1900 musical Florodora at New York’s Casino Theater.

carrot margarita cocktail

Carrot Margarita

This Detox/Intox drink from LA photographers Dylan + Jeni couples a spicy carrot juice blend with the architecture of a classic blended Margarita.

sour cherry shandy cocktail recipe

Sour Cherry Shandy

Muddled and mixed with lime juice and orange liqueur, tart sour cherries are an unexpected, yet amicable companion to crisp lager in this shandy-style drink.

jalapeno avocado margarita cocktail recipe

Jalapeño Avocado Margarita

Inspired by two major summer food groups, chips and guacamole, this is guaca-Margarita hybrid has just the right amount of kick lent from fresh jalapeño.

honey berry lemonade mason shaker

Honey-Berry Lemonade

A hallmark of summer, a simple, icy glass of lemonade could not get better. That is, unless you add booze and some berries.

garden star cocktail recipe mason shaker

Garden Star

Somewhere between a Southside and a Gimlet, this savory cocktail combines crisp summer cucumbers with cooling mint and gin.

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