The NoMad Bar’s Mai Tai

For the NoMad’s perfected take on the Mai Tai, Leo Robitschek adds 15-year-old El Dorado Guyanese rum to a base of Appleton Jamaican rum and 100 proof rhum agricole for additional richness and weight.


Surf City Spritz

Crafted from a list of ingredients that includes elderflower, quinine, and nutmeg, the Surf City Spritz winks at California’s health-conscious culture.


San Pancho

San Pancho swaps the typical Collins gin base for subtler sherry to better balance the floral notes of St-Germain.


Nudie Beach

Brian Griffiths of Miami’s Broken Shaker accentuates the floral quality of St-Germain with fresh melon notes in the form of housemade honeydew syrup.


For Rex

For Rex riffs on the classic Ojen cocktail, a Mardi Gras favorite comprising Ojen, bitters, sugar, and water, with an added level of complexity by way of St-Germain.


Da Hora

Utilizing St-Germain as a base rather than a modifier, the Da Hora is light, citrusy, and floral-forward, making for a day drink that finds itself somewhere between a Caipirinha and a simple Royale.


Sauvage Martini

The presentation of this bracing martini is lean and spare: pre-batched in bottles, chilled in the freezer and poured when ordered.

golden ananas

The Golden Ananás

Lynnette Marrero’s “desert island drink” combines fino sherry, aged rum, a “cheeky” measure of mezcal and that favorite tropical staple: pineapple.

ezra star jungle bird

Ezra Star’s Jungle Bird

Tapping into the inherent escapism of tiki, Ezra Star opts for the Jungle Bird as her Desert Island Drink.

erick castro pina colada

Erick Castro’s Piña Colada

Erick Castro’s Piña Colada builds on a base of Caña Brava and overproof rums alongside the traditional coconut, pineapple and lime.

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