French Toast Flip

The original Sherry Flip takes its character from oloroso sherry (at least in our version), so, too, does Erick Castro’s breakfast-ready French Toast Flip, which is also fortified with Scotch, applejack brand and maple and allspice syrups.

Fall Monty

This punch from New York bartender Katie Stipe marries the nuttiness of amontillado sherry with Lairds Bonded Applejack and Spanish cider, to create her own boozy riff on fall.

Spirit of ’76

Garret Richard of Brooklyn's Prime Meats created this colonial style punch that blends the favorite spirits of young America—Applejack, Caribbean rum and rye whiskey.

Garden State Julep

Jared Schubert's pale pink play on the Champagne Julep.

Hot Toddy

This version of the traditional toddy is a template prime for riffing with a base of any dark spirit, plus hot water, citrus, honey and spices.

American Trilogy

When Richard Boccato and Michael McIlroy worked together at Little Branch in New York City, they collaborated to create this dark riff on the Old Fashioned.

Jack Rose

According to David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, the Jack Rose was, during the mid-20th century, a pillar of basic cocktail-mixing knowledge.