The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee

An iconic take on the classic hot drink from New York's The Dead Rabbit.

Lawn Sleeves

Traditionally a mulled wine made with madeira, the Dead Rabbit's version is spiced with clove, allspice, mace and sarsaparilla.

Lamb’s Wool

Traditionally a spiced drink made with porter, New York's Dead Rabbit updates the classic just slightly with the addition of Irish whiskey for a spiritous, not-so-sweet riff on the Whiskey Toddy.

Hot Buttered Blackstrap

One part Whiskey Toddy, one part Hot Buttered Rum, the Hot Buttered Blackstrap combines the two classic wintertime cocktails conveniently in one glass.

Excellent Negus

This lengthened bishop cocktail from The Dead Rabbit gets its kick from sherry and cognac sweetened with vanilla syrup and balanced with lemon and nutmeg.

One Hot Ginger

This blend of bourbon and Grand Marnier doubles down on the heat with the addition of cayenne pepper and ginger for what Narcissa's Simone Goldberg describes as, "a hot toddy meets a juice bar cold remedy."

Gun Club Toddy

Alexander Day's riff on a Hot Toddy sees sweet, fruit-forward Pineau mixed with chamomile-infused Calvados, honey syrup and lemon juice, then lengthened with hot water.

Hot for Teacher

A tikified version of Hot Buttered Rum, Matthew Belanger and Shannon Tebay's Hot for Teacher adds banana, a proprietary "Improved Gardenia Mix"—a blend of honey, butter, cinnamon and Donn's spices—coconut and two types of rum.

Spanish Coffee

The Spanish Coffee is known as "Carajillo" in Spain, likely perhaps for coraje, “courage,” or que ara guillo, Catalan for “now, I’m leaving in a hurry,” an order for both coffee and booze without any dilly-dally.

A La Mode

New York bartender Karin Stanley's spicy, creamy ode to apple pie a la mode is almost better than the thing itself. Because, well, bourbon.