Ginger Rogers

Marco Dionysos based this refreshing highball on the Favorite Cocktail, a drink he found in Jacques Straub’s 1914 manual “Drinks.”

Scarlet Pimpernel

With its base of London dry gin, génépy and grapefruit liqueur, this intentionally low-ABV cooler was designed for New Orleans summers.

The St-Germain Cocktail

The St-Germain Cocktail, the classic spritz variation fueled by the iconic elderflower liqueur, embodies the spirit of low-alcohol conviviality prevalent throughout Europe.


Cristiaan Röllich looks to the kitchen for the inspiration behind his Pandora, which builds on a base of housemade cherry compote and finishes with blonde ale and pisco.

Campari Radler

New York City bar 151's Campari-laced riff on the traditional German beer and citrus drink, the radler.


What do you get when you cross a Margarita, a Paloma and a Michelada? A Margaladaoma, naturally.

Negroni Frappé

Naren Young's shaken riff on the Negroni is a refreshing and lower-proof alternative to the classic.

Winter Paloma

The Mexican classic, the Paloma—essentially the love child of a Greyhound and Margarita—gets dressed up in a winter coat, courtesy the addition of sage-grapefruit syrup.

American Beauty

In The Stork Club Bar Book, Lucius Beebe recommends drinking this little fruity, minty cocktail at noon, to “abate the grief of a stormy morning.”

Stone Fence Riff #1

JP Fetherston's variation on the colonial classic kicks up the flavor with the welcome addition of peppery allspice syrup and citrus.