Turn Down Service

With just a touch of St-Germain alongside Scotch and tawny port, this spirit-forward drink is the final indulgence of the day, complete with the requisite cherry on top.

Silver and Sand

Blood & Sand, a private cocktail club, offers 10 variations on the classic cocktail for which it is named. This is the most popular version.


No new drink of the twenty-first century has gone further in terms of fame than this complex, spicy, smoky turn on a Whiskey Sour.


The Casualty showcases Byrrh’s versatility as a seasonless spirit in this cold weather-ready cocktail.

Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

Giuseppe Gonzalez contrasts Scotch with spring-ready vegetable juices and that staple of warm weather and lawn parties: Pimm’s.


Apples and spice pair with Scotch in this long and savory cocktail from Portland Hunt + Alpine Club's Andrew Volk.

Post Modern

At Manhattan's Dear Irving, Tom Richter bases his Post Modern on a spirited combination of oft-overlooked sloe gin and Scotch, rinsed with absinthe.

French Toast Flip

The original Sherry Flip takes its character from oloroso sherry (at least in our version), so, too, does Erick Castro’s breakfast-ready French Toast Flip, which is also fortified with Scotch, applejack brand and maple and allspice syrups.

Rob Roy No. 3

Brian Silva's overhaul of a classic scotch whisky cocktail is inspired by the structure of a "perfect" cocktail, harnessing the sweet and savory extremes of both dry and sweet vermouth.

A Snowball’s Chance

Boilermaker's Sam Gauthier goes tiki-Christmas on the Old-Fashioned, in this riff featuring Scotch, pineapple gomme syrup and absinthe.