Mood Ring

This drink sees blue tea topped with an acidic mixture—in this case, a tropical blend of pineapple, lime, rum and orange liqueur—that causes it to change color.

Hey Baby, Que Paso?

Amaro Sfumato, a rhubarb-based amaro, adds bitter interest and an enticing hint of smoke to this Daiquiri rendition.

Slow Down Shirley

Jim Kearns taps into quintessential East Coast fall flavors in his Slow Down Shirley: cranberry liqueur, lemon and ginger layered onto a base of apple brandy.


Created by Paul Harrington in 1990, this Pegu Club riff uses Campari in favor or Angostura bitters, and replaces lime juice with lemon juice.

Cable Car

Tony Abou-Ganim created the sugar-rimmed Cable Car as the signature cocktail at San Francisco's Starlight Room.

Chesapeake Junction

Shae Minnillo' Chesapeake Junction is a "grapefruit bomb," featuring the citrus three ways.

The Bitter Swagger

A "total cocktail nerd drink" that see pisco, egg white and amaro shaken together, from Memphis bartender Nick Talarico.

Canelli Sour

Building on a base of Contratto Bitter and tequila, plus grapefruit and lemon juices, Swenson dresses the summer-ready flavors for fall in this frothy sour.

Brandy Crusta

Invented in the 1850s in New Orleans, the Brandy Crusta was one of the city’s first true calling-card cocktails.

Silver and Sand

Blood & Sand, a private cocktail club, offers 10 variations on the classic cocktail for which it is named. This is the most popular version.