“Hot” Apple Punch

Ryan Casey’s take on the classic Champagne punch gets a dose of heat by way of ginger liqueur and habanero bitters.

Red Rooster Punch

Xavier Herit adds kümmel and tart raspberry puree to Cognac and Champagne for a rose-hued take on a traditional punch recipe.

Plum Royale

Kathleen Hawkins’ take on Champagne punch borrows from the classic Kir Royale, combining crème de cassis, plum shrub and Champagne.

Classic Champagne Punch

For his take on Champagne punch, Dale DeGroff adapted a popular 20th-century recipe built on Cognac.

Alpine Spritz

The acidic Riesling, homemade grape syrup, and aromatic rosemary garnish add a layered complexity that continues to linger after the first sip in this Alpine-inspired spritz.

See Way Punch

In this low-proof punch, Caitlin Laman hews closely to the traditional five-ingredient punch formula but trades the spirit for a mix of manzanilla sherry and red vermouth

Señorita Spritz

Somewhere between tiki and canonical classic sits the Señorita Spritz, a genre-bending cocktail crafted from ingredients whose origins span the globe.

Delores Royale

In a clear wink to the seasonal change from summer to fall, the Delores Royale adds weight to the smoky mezcal base by way of apricot liqueur and amontillado sherry.

Old Cuban

Audrey Saunders was a master of taking old classics and giving them inventive new life—in this case a Mojito, which she tops with Champagne.

The St-Germain Cocktail

The St-Germain Cocktail, the classic spritz variation fueled by the iconic elderflower liqueur, embodies the spirit of low-alcohol conviviality prevalent throughout Europe.