First Salute

In her Daiquiri riff, Abigail Gullo adds house-made grapefruit oleo saccharum, spiked with cinnamon and star anise, to a base of rum and lime.

Charbonneau Way

This rye and Suze cocktail laced with maple syrup was inspired by Abigail Gullo's French Canadian roots.

King Buzzo

Austin Hartman's szechuan-laced King Buzzo cocktail pairs tequila with lime acid, sparkling rosé and a mouth-numbing szechuan button-salt rim.

Dressed Can

For Jane Danger’s Dressed Can, she plays off the beer can cocktail, opting for cider and plenty of garnish.


Dorothy Elizabeth marries mezcal with bright and bitter arugula and bell peppers.

Capitol Park

A base of rye and Cardamaro is complemented by a measure of herbal liqueur and three types of bitters.