Midnight Bouquet

"A great nightcap is the perfect mix of strong and sweet," claims Meaghan Dorman, whose Midnight Bouquet incorporates St-Germain alongside grapefruit for a bittersweet companion to the salinity and smokiness of mezcal and tequila.

Canelli Sour

Building on a base of Contratto Bitter and tequila, plus grapefruit and lemon juices, Swenson dresses the summer-ready flavors for fall in this frothy sour.

False Start

Westlight’s False Start is a stirred drink garnished with a cucumber that balances reposado tequila with bitter, nutty Cardamaro, rosso vermouth and Cynar, for a drink that’s rich but surprisingly light on its feet.

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

This is the drink that opened the American mixology world’s eyes to the potential of using tequila and mezcal in cocktails.

The Tijuana Rocket

Jane Danger shakes bell and jalapeño peppers with tequila, lime juice and pomegranate molasses, for a simple farewell to summer.

Jane Danger’s Margaladaoma

Jane Danger’s Margaladaoma is an ode to the flavors of all three drinks, plus a hint at her tiki roots.

Margaladaoma Ice Pops

The Cinco De Mayo frozen cocktail scene just got a little more fiestacated with this mashup of a Margarita, Michelada and a Paloma in the form of an Otter Pop.

Meshugenah Margarita

Jill Dobias uses Manischewitz to add vibrant color and fruity sweetness to a Margarita, while balancing out the tartness of lime juice.

Winter Paloma

The Mexican classic, the Paloma—essentially the love child of a Greyhound and Margarita—gets dressed up in a winter coat, courtesy the addition of sage-grapefruit syrup.

Smoochin’ Under the Clock Tower

This contemporary punch from Chicago's Dustin Drankiewicz was inspired by the flavors of the Middle East, particularly those of popular dessert Balal El Sham, which features of walnuts, honey and fruit.