10th Avenue Freeze Out

Natalie Jacob's frozen, spiced piña colada made with orgeat for a tiki spin is named for the Springsteen track of the same name.

19th Century

A riff on the classic Twentieth Century cocktail: bourbon shaken with equal parts white crème de cacao, Lillet rouge and Lemon juice.

5th Amendment

This drink, hailing from the gastropub-meets-craft cocktail hangout Pint + Jigger, is the perfect example of the tropical-classic mashup that has come to define some of the Honolulu's most unique drinks.

86 Long Island Iced Tea

Responsible for many a headache (and a bad decision), the Long Island Iced Tea is a potent mix of four white spirits and Coca-Cola.

A La Mode

New York bartender Karin Stanley's spicy, creamy ode to apple pie a la mode is almost better than the thing itself. Because, well, bourbon.

A Snowball’s Chance

Boilermaker's Sam Gauthier goes tiki-Christmas on the Old-Fashioned, in this riff featuring Scotch, pineapple gomme syrup and absinthe.

Absent Stars

Nick Detrich's riff on tiki sees the unusual addition of Campari to up the bitterness.

Absinthe Frappé

Simple, icy and strong, the frappé is a less fussy alternative to the pomp and circumstance of traditional absinthe service.

Absinthe Minded

A tequila-based beverage by Patrick McNicholas that combines lime, honey, cucumber and chai.

ABV’s Piña Verde

In this cocktail from ABV's Ryan Fitzgerald, génépy meets blanco tequila, lime and pineapple, for a summer sipper that's refreshing and ever-so-slightly bitter.