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24 Gifts for Food and Drink Lovers

November 07, 2023

Story: Lee Musho

illustrations: Samantha Shin

Partner Content

24 Gifts for Food and Drink Lovers

November 07, 2023

Story: Lee Musho

illustrations: Samantha Shin

From the ultimate host to the friend with a sweet tooth.

And just like that, it’s the holidays again. While it can feel impossible to think of a new, unique gift no one else has given, year after year, there is an upside: When the person you’re gifting for loves food and drink, the options are practically endless. Below are 24 gifts for any food and drink lover, from the friend with a sweet tooth to the wine aficionado, as well as crowd-favorite, Italian-made MARTINI & ROSSI bottles anyone will enjoy.

The Host

The host knows how to make everyone and anyone feel at home in their space. Having a curated collection of things that help them do that is what ensures their success. So here’s to all the hosts out there — these gifts are for you. 

An experienced host knows to always be prepared for aperitivo hour. After all, if they want to have the kind of home that everyone feels welcome in, it had better be stocked with low effort, high reward drinks that will keep people coming back. Made from sweet Spanish oranges, peeled into long strips and dried under the Italian sun, Martini & Rossi Fiero is bold enough to stand alone with a few ice cubes, or can be mixed with sparkling wine for a more mellow citrus flavor. 

Le Creuset Thyme Braiser 
While there are some new pot and pan brands that fall apart within a year or two, a Le Creuset holds up for generations. For a host, there’s no better gift. They can cook anything from bœuf bourguignon to a roast chicken in the pan and bring it directly to the table for serving. It’s also available in a new, soft grey green color: thyme. 

Custom Matchboxes 
Collecting matchboxes has recently become, well, the thing to do. Flatter your host by creating a custom matchbook just for them. It can feature any photo, copy, or illustration, so they can feature a fanciful name for their home bar or something as simple as just the apartment number. Either way, they’ll make for a great party favor when their guests head home. 

Mercado Famous Party Pack
The best gifts for a party planner are those that help their parties go by seamlessly. This Mercado Famous party pack is made to sit in their pantry until the time comes to whip up an impromptu charcuterie board. With two packs each of jamón serranía, jamón iberico, chorizo iberico, salchichón, and lomo, they’re just a few steps away from serving up world-class Spanish tapas at the tips of their fingertips. 

The Maximalist

These gifts are for the friend that doesn’t shy from color and believes that more is well, more. Feed their love for all things bold and whimsical with the below gifts. 

The maximalist knows that while celebrating, only a bright pink, bubbly rosé will do. This Martini & Rossi rosé, made with a blend of riesling italico and nebbiolo, has notes of wild roses and citrus. It goes with everything from charcuterie to aperitivo-style bites, but also drinks well on its own.

Trish Andersen Kitchen Mat
Trish Andersen is a Savannah-based fiber artist specializing in 3-D, tufted pieces who had the brilliant idea to print her work on kitchen mats and runners. This sweepable, machine-washable, rubber-backed mat is a rare gift that’s both a colorful, whirlwind work of art — and a functional, useful addition to any kitchen.

Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Coupes
Why should a color-loving maximalist settle for traditional, clear glasses? This set by Estelle Colored Glass comes with six opaque coupes in cobalt blue, blush pink, forest green, royal blue, fuschia and rose — worthy of a display shelf all on their own. 

Fredericks & Mae Cutting Board
By now you’ll know that the usual  just won’t do for the maximalist in your life. They deserve more color than that. Enter the Fredericks & Mae rainbow-speckled confetti cutting board. While it's practical, it also doubles as a serving board for anything from girl dinner to a wine and cheese catch-up.

The Wine Lover

For a wine geek, wine isn’t just a drink — it’s an experience that engages all of their senses. Help them make the most of their next glass with the gifts below. 

Everyone should have a case of crowd-friendly bubbly on hand for last-minute celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, or just a festive Tuesday. This Martini & Rossi prosecco is a blend of glera with chardonnay and pinot noir, giving it a smooth, flavorful body and aromatic lift. With its notes of apple and thyme, it’s a refreshing drink to pair with crunchy, salty snacks.

Glasvin Sparkling Glasses
While a flute works for bubbly in a pinch, there’s just something about a tulip glass for sparkling wine. It says you know your stuff  — the tulip allows for the aromas of the wine to better reach your nose all while keeping the bubbles from disappearing too quickly. 

Porrón Wine Pitcher
The porrón is an if you know, you know kind of gift. The Spanish pitcher is built for pouring out a thin stream of wine, perfect for decanting into a wine glass — or directly into someone’s mouth. 

Laguiole Custom Corkscrew
Having a French Laguiole corkscrew says you take your wine seriously. Having a custom engraved Laguiole corkscrew? That’s a whole new level. It’s a gift any wine lover would cherish, making them forever known as the designated wine opener at any get-together. 

The Romantic 

The romantic knows how to appreciate the little things. Yes, they smell the roses, but they also savor a well-made cocktail and delight in giving their home personalized touches.

This aperitivo by Martini & Rossi is a departure from many aperitifs your romantic may be familiar with. It’s light, refreshing, and floral, with notes of chamomile. It’s also non-alcoholic — perfect for the times when they want to make themselves a complex, flavorful drink in the middle of the day.

Sakura Japanese Cherry Blossom Bitters
Romantics love to collect ingredients that add a special touch to whatever drink or recipe they’re making. Made with sakura (aka cherry blossom) flowers from Nagano prefecture and leaves from Izu pickled with sea salt, these bitters will add a subtle floral note to any cocktail they make.

Ballerina Farm Flower Subscription
This Utah farm offers to ship meat, sourdough starter, frozen croissants, sourdough chocolate cookies… and fifty stems of curated blossoms (which change by the season) across the country. Opt for a recurring subscription so your romantic can always fill their home with flowers. 

Harney and Sons Tea Sampler
Romantics love sinking into a warm cup of tea — taking a moment to pause, reflect, and soak in a new flavor brings a certain kind of peace to their day. Give them the gift of a meditative drink with this Harney and Sons tea sampler. With flavors like Japanese Sencha and Egyptian Chamomile, they’ll be well on their way to finding their next new favorite flavor. 

The Sweet Tooth

The sweet tooth knows exactly what they like. Which makes gifts that much easier to give. Opt for anything indulgent or decadent — or anything that will bring more sweets their way — and you’re golden.

We don’t often think of dessert wine — after dinner, coffee or cocktails usually take the cake. But there’s no better pairing than a low-alcohol, lightly-sweet bottle of bubbles to pair with anything from madeleines to macaroons. Expand your sweet tooth’s horizons with a few bottles of this Italian Moscato d’Asti by Martini & Rossi. 

Masterclass Dominique Ansel
In this Masterclass, James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel teaches his techniques. With seventeen different lessons, your sweet-tooth will learn pastry recipes like madeleines, chocolate cakes, fruit tarts, bonbons, and croissants from the best. It’s a gift for you, too — after all, they’ll need help finishing off their treats. 

Jeni’s Pint Club Subscription 
If your friend can’t keep a pint of ice cream in the freezer for longer than an hour, this subscription may combat that — or just make their problem worse.  Every month, they’ll receive four new flavors, like brambleberry crisp with oat streusel and tart brambleberry jam or salted peanut butter with dark chocolate flecks, shipped frozen in dry ice so their freezer will never go empty. 

Mosser Colored Glass Cake Stand
A gorgeous cake stand is like the cherry on top, a finishing touch that brings a dessert course together. This cake stand made by the family-owned Mosser Glass company in Ohio, is inspired by vintage designs, with scalloped edges, and is available in a variety of fun colors like Chelsea blue, jadeite, and milk. And when they aren’t serving up some sweets, it can also serve as a perfect holder for any extra produce they have on hand. 

The Explorer

The explorer is always looking for a new adventure, whether that’s a new cocktail recipe, an unexpected dish, or flavors from far away. Gift them the gift of exploration without the cost of a plane ticket. 

When an explorer whips up a cocktail, it’s going to be flavorful and exciting. This Martini & Rossi aperitif is just that: It has bold notes of Italian bergamont oranges and no alcohol, so they can indulge in a complex drink no matter what time of the day it is. 

Omsom Try ‘Em All Set
When you’re constantly on the lookout for new culinary adventures and flavors to try, you can rack up a hefty restaurant tab. The Omsom Try ‘Em All Set lets your explorer eat dishes like coconut lemongrass curry noodles and a yuzu miso glazed salmon at home, without having to make them from scratch.

Goldbelly Gift Card
If your friend loves to travel, there’s a pretty big chance they experience cravings for food from across the country that they can’t easily fulfill. Goldbelly ships meal kits from famous restaurants and bakeries across the U.S. — so that muffaletta from New Orleans they can’t stop talking about? It can get shipped right to their front door. 

Miami Fruit Variety Box
After seeing the same options in the grocery store for years on end, sometimes you forget just how much fruit there is out there that you haven’t tried. Feed your explorer’s curiosity with the Miami Fruit variety box. This way, fresh, new flavors they’ve never had before will be delivered right to their door.