Bar Tartine

Bar Tartine has shapeshifted a few times over the last few years. First came the most significant change: the arrival of co-chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns who overhauled Bar…


St. Vincent

St. Vincent, which opened in 2012, has offered San Franciscans a glimpse of a more casual side of sommelier and journalist, David Lynch, who is perhaps best known in SF…

abv san francisco cocktail bar


ABV is riding the new wave of casual-serious bars with a laid back vibe and expert drinks. The bar's shelves are lined with agave, and seemingly every edition of Del…

trick dog san francisco

Trick Dog

The superstar of San Francisco's cocktail scene, Trick Dog is a cocktail bar, neighborhood joint and solid kitchen all in the same two-story building. Each season the menu concept changes with…

truck gay bar san francisco


Editor's Note: Sadly, Truck has closed as of July 31st, 2015. The northeast corner of the Mission is something of a dead zone. It’s basically Best Buy, the place where…

beretta san francisco restaurant


There's nothing fancy about Beretta, which is the main draw. When it could have just been a restaurant with a few house drinks, Beretta ended up as a restaurant with…

san francisco dive bar zeitgeist


Falling somewhere between a beer garden and a biker bar, Zeitgeist is a staple for both Mission natives and the tech crowd alike. Featuring a good selection of fairly priced…