Adventures on the Phantom Wine Trail

The New York Times wine critic, Eric Asimov, tackles the woes of unusual wine seekers addressing  irritated reader with questions and comments such as, “Once again, I have wasted more than a half-hour trying (in vain) to find where in New York City to buy wines mentioned in your column,” and, “If a critic recommends a movie, you know where to go. If a critic recommends a restaurant, you know where to go. But wine, where do you go?”

So, why is it so difficult to procure that small-production wine you’re dying to try? Asimov explains how inconsistencies in liquor laws across different states and municipalities has something to do with it, as does the agricultural cycle and human touch involved in the making and distribution of distinctive wines. While some consumers enjoy the mystery of the hunt, for those not messing around, Asimov recommends getting familiar with, establishing a relationship with a local wine shop, and simply not taking no for an answer in the pursuit of your next bottle of grower Champagne. [The New York Times]