After Reports of Exploding Bottles, Coravin Halts Sales

coravin wine device

After reports of seven bottles exploding—and one resulting injury—Coravin informed users that it has reported itself to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and will halt sales pending a “Corrective Action Plan,” according to an email sent by the company. reports that said plan includes the use of a protective neoprene wine sleeve, which will be included in all future Coravin packages and will be sent to all current owners. With this addition, Coravin’s creator, Greg Lambrecht, estimates that Coravin will become one of the world’s largest suppliers of neoprene wine sleeves. Sales of the Coravin will resume as soon as the company can secure, “adequate supplies of the sleeves.” Until then, watch your eyes. [] [Coravin] [Image: Coravin]