Anti-Neknominate Sentiment Grows & Goes Viral

Another video by a Neknominate dissenter is gaining traction according to The Daily Mail. Last week, a South African used his neknomination to speak about poverty, and now a British DJ has used his to oppose the dangers of participating in the online drinking game. Both protests have been met with tremendous support. In the latest video, which has already garnered 50,000 likes, the man says, “People necking dog food, goldfish, eggs—disgusting amounts of alcohol in a pint glass. I’m not one for not getting involved, but it’s now getting a bit out of hand.” He goes on to chug coffee instead of alcohol and makes his way to work. After two deaths suspected to be caused by Neknominate binging in Ireland this weekend, it seems Neknominate is finally turning more people off than on. [Daily Mail]