Brazil Now Has a Flashy Museum Devoted to Cachaça

Salinas, Brazil, a small city a day’s drive north of Rio de Janeiro, just opened a beautiful new museum devoted to Brazil’s national spirit, cachaça. Designed by Chilean architect Jô Vasconcellos, the structures that house the museum are minimal—constructed to resemble a set of  boxes arranged simply in a row—and very, very blue. But the Smurf-hued architecture isn’t its only interesting feature, reports Curbed.

Step inside, and you’ll find a world of modern design devoted to booze. Among them is a room with a cachaça delivery truck, a wall of glass shelves lined with a hundred of bottles of cachaça and a mirrored roof, giving it an infinite quality. Dezeen notes that the building contains both a restaurant (no doubt serving the museum’s namesake liquor) and a public square for the local community, with “benches, tables, stone ovens, small gardens and an amphitheater.” No one can say that booze doesn’t give back. [Curbed National] [Photo:Facebook/Museu da Cachaça de Salinas]