Canned Wine Won’t Go Away

wine in a can

Union Wine Co. from Oregon is furthering the trend of wine down-marketing by putting some of their wines in a can, according to Huffington Post. The winery has been making wines by the bottle for a while now, but just released canned versions of its Underwood Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio. The company seeks to make “great wine minus all the fuss,” and the accompanying #pinkiesdown hashtag epitomizes the idea. 

Although editors at Huffington Post have their reservations about the effect of aluminum cans on wine, they seem to both liked the feeling of drinking wine from a can made them feel “slightly rebellious in the best of ways.” But they warned of the alcohol content as each can Curious? You can get a four-pack of 375ml cans for $24 here. [Huffington Post] [Photo: Flickr/DawnEndico]