Daily News: Beer-Drinking Duck Gets into Brawl, Brewdog Makes Strongest Canned Beer


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Researchers in Mexico have found that drinking tequila can lead to weight-loss...

– …while, in Israel, they’ve discovered that a glass of red wine a day could help manage type-2 diabetes. 

– Diageo has announced plans to sell many of its U.S. and UK wine operations to Australian Treasury Wine Estates.

– Russian officials are debating limiting the sale of alcohol once a week in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

– Scottish brewery Brewdog has unveiled a new stout that, at 12.7% ABV, is the strongest canned beer in the world.

– Finally, a booze-loving, bow-tie-wearing English duck got into a brawl, with a dog, at a pub.

[Photo: Flickr/gorfor]