Daily News: Myanmar’s Flourishing Wine Industry, Winston Churchill’s Champagne Debt

Myanmar Vineyard

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The success of two Myanmar vineyards could signal the start of a flourishing wine industry in the region.

The world of bartending is up in arms over Jon Taffer, host of the popular television show, “Bar Rescue,” and his lack of industry knowledge.

– In memory of Phife Dawg, co-founder of A Tribe Called Quest, Mumford Brewing Co. in downtown Los Angeles has released a beer in tribute to the late hip-hop legend.

– Margins Wine, a nascent California winery, explores the market potential of unusual wines.

– Winston Churchill’s fiscal excesses and penchant for Champagne left the late leader in severe debt to his wine merchant.

– COS, a Sicilian winery, takes a biodynamic approach to viticulture with wine aged in amphorae rather than in barrels.

– Finally, Maggie Gyllenhaal will star in three short films for Jameson Whiskey.

[Photo: Flickr/lea_r]