The Science Behind the Drunchies, “Piss to Pilsner” Recycling and Why Two-Buck Chuck Is So Cheap

two buck chuck wine

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– You can now justify last night’s drunk pizza binge with science: it turns out that alcohol makes your brain more sensitive to food aromas.

– “Two-Buck Chuck” has become nationally famous—infamous?— but how exactly Trader Joe’s makes it so cheap has been a mystery… until now.

– Scientists in Spain have developed a method to make non-alcoholic beer taste better.

– Tequila, too-often relegated to late-night shots and sickly-sweet margaritas, gets a starring role in a new book aiming to de-bunk all the myths associated with the misunderstood spirit.

– Danish music festival organizers have instituted a new recycling program: the “From Piss to Pilsner” operation will use leftover sewage to fertilize barley crops used to brew beer.

[Photo: Flickr/Mack Male]