The Slow Demise of English Pub Culture

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The Campaign for Real Ale launched this week to remind Brits that they are neglecting their pint-swilling responsibilities. BBC’s disturbing facts about the loss of pub culture—such as “two out of five adults never go to the pub”—reminded Rowan Pelling of The Telegraph about the crisis that the Church of England faces. It seems institutions that many Brits view as part of their identity (but do not actually engage with frequently) are in dire need of concrete support.

Pelling raises a good point: How often do we visit the places that we claim to love? People used to drop by their locals without thinking, but we’ve come to a point of such high drinking and eating competition that we must consciously try to become a regular somewhere, to fit those “casual” visits between just staying in with a bottle of wine and trying out new buzzed-about bars. [The Telegraph] [Image: Flickr/Alexander Baxevanis]

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