Rites of Spring

Lauren Corriveau, Nitecap | New York

“Rites of Spring is a delicate Manhattan variation, inspired by the idea of having this solo, introspective walk through a beautiful crisp forest,” says Lauren Corriveau of her spring-inspired cocktail. Clear Creek’s Douglas Fir Eau de Vie, made by infusing clear brandy with Douglas fir buds, adds forest-like aromatics alongside the citrusy flavors of orange marmalade and lemon verbena-infused vermouth.


Serving: 1

  • 1 3/4 ounces whiskey, preferably Wild Turkey 101 Rye
  • 1 ounce lemon verbena-infused bianco vermouth, preferably Carpano vermouth
  • 1/4 ounce Clear Creek Douglas Fir Eau de Vie
  • 1 barspoon orange marmalade, preferably Bon Maman

  1. Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice and stir until chilled.
  2. Strain into a Nick & Nora glass.
Editor's Note

Lemon Verbena infused Carpano Bianco:
1 bottle Carpano Bianco (750ml)
5 grams dried Lemon Verbena

Carefully measure and combine ingredients in a Cambro. Stir, cover and let sit for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain through a Super Bag, return to bottle, label/date and refrigerate.

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