new school gin daisy cocktail recipe

Gin Daisy (New School)

This drink is a variation on the basic Daisy formula: a sour kicked up with the addition of seltzer or soda water. The new school version uses grenadine for a…


Put a Barrel On It

Robert Simonson reports on an old fashioned practice made new again. "In the early 19th century and before, gin had to get from the distillery to the tavern somehow," the…

pegu club cocktail gin citrus

Pegu Club

The Pegu Club, located in Yangon, Myanmar, found itself at the center of British social life in 1920s. Its members, citizens of a bygone political era, knew the city as…

gin rickey cocktail recipe

Gin Rickey

A gin-based variation on the Whiskey Fizz, which is credited to Joe Rickey, a late-19th century Missouri lobbyist.