pepe le moko dylan + jeni

Pépé le Moko

Around the corner from Clyde Common, Portland's restaurant-cum-cocktail bar mainstay, is Pépé le Moko, a small, dark, jazz-filled subterranean cocktail joint helmed by Jeffrey Morgenthaler. Overhead, a curved ceiling evokes the architecture…

ava gene's portland

Ava Gene’s

Peering into the windows of Ava Gene's is like looking into the storybook version of Portland that everyone dreams about. It's all floating lights, lace curtains, wood-fired grills and elegant-rustic…

bar vivant portland

Bar Vivant

Cheryl Wakerhauser opened Pix Patisserie in 2002 in an east side space barely bigger than a janitor's closet. The small bakery earned a reputation for its astonishingly underpriced list of…