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Everything You Need to Aperitivo Like an Italian

June 14, 2023

Story: Lee Musho

art: Kelly Millington

Partner Content

Everything You Need to Aperitivo Like an Italian

June 14, 2023

Story: Lee Musho

art: Kelly Millington

From an orange aperitif to sunset-colored glasses.

Italians make it a priority to aperitivo. Once the sun hits peak golden hour, you’ll find them in the nearest piazza with a cold, sparkling drink in their hands and snacking on crunchy potato chips and briny olives. While participating in aperitivo is an essential part of any Italian vacation, it takes on a new meaning when you carry out the practice at home: it’s a signal that work is over and the night is just beginning. So once the clock strikes five, distance yourself from your responsibilities by closing your laptop, quitting your email, and winding down with a refreshing cocktail. 

Now that it’s getting warmer, it may be tempting to head to the nearest bar and spend $15 on a spritz — but you can have an aperitivo hour at home without much time or effort. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you want, from setting out a few snacks to making your own tonic water. Below, check out everything you’ll need to make this the summer of aperitivo.


You’ll need to stock up on a few things to have a successful aperitivo hour: one of those is an aperitif you can mix with soda water or tonic for a low-ABV drink that will start the night on the right foot. Fiero by MARTINI & ROSSI  does just that. They hand-cut Spanish orange peels and dry them under the Italian sun for a bold, intense citrus taste.

Adoric Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Big ice cubes take longer to melt, keeping your drink cool without watering it down during hot, sunny afternoons. These silicone trays make large circle or square ice cubes to fill up your glass, without having to bang them on your counter to do it. Fill them up with distilled water for the clearest ice, and make more than you think you’ll need.

MARTINI & ROSSI Vibrante Non Alcoholic Aperitivo

While alcohol and aperitivo go hand in hand, the key to aperitivo hour isn’t about going overboard, but relaxing and enjoying the moment. This MARTINI & ROSSI Vibrante has all of the citrus, herbal, and bitter flavors you’re looking for from an aperitif, with none of the alcohol. Treat it like you would any other aperitivo: serve it over tonic or soda water, or make a lower-ABV spritz by topping it with prosecco.

Bar Culture Balloon Glasses

While any glass will do, there’s just something about a balloon glass that says it’s time to unwind. They can also be filled to the brim with ice, which you’ll want on a hot day, and one glass will hold you for a while, so you don’t have to keep getting up and making a new drink.

MARTINI & ROSSI Floreale Non Alcoholic Aperitivo

While a classic orange aperitivo is often the go-to for pre-dinner drinks, this MARTINI & ROSSI Floreale is a fresh take, thanks to its light body with delicate floral notes of Roman chamomile. It’s also nonalcoholic, perfect for when you want a drink after work but not the buzz that comes with it.

Terre di Puglia Classic Tarallini Crackers

You’ll be hard-pressed to have aperitivo in Italy and not be served these crackers. They’re the perfect dry, salty accompaniment for a bright, bubbly drink, and will keep you reaching for more.

Crate and Barrel The Wine Glass in Paprika Red

If you want glasses with a bit more personality, try these wine glasses. They’ll reflect the sunset at you, making them ideal for an aperitivo hour. While they have a traditional shape, they’re playful, colorful, and don’t feel too serious.

Soda Stream Terra Water Maker Kit

If you’re making a spritz, you’ll want to top it up with some soda. While you could pick some up at the store, you could also make your own at home, so you’ll never run out. This soda stream produces beautiful sparkling water every time, and you can increase or decrease the bubbles depending on what you’re drinking.


Prosecco makes for a classic aperitif. Not only is it delicious on its own, but with just a little Fiero or Floreale, you can make a spritz that puts the one from the overpriced bar down the street to shame. This crisp, dry sparkling wine is made just north of Venice with a mix of glera, chardonnay, and pinot noir. With its notes of apple and thyme, it’s perfectly paired with salty, savory snacks.

DIY Tonic Water Making Kit

We’re all about customizing drinks to your taste, and what better way to do that than by making your own tonic? It may seem daunting, but it’s simpler than you might think. This kit comes with everything you need to make your concentrate (enough for 30-60 drinks) sans water and citrus fruit, from cinchona to citric acid, lemongrass, cubeb pepper, and Jamaican allspice. You can add herbs or citrus peels to your liking.

Green Bella di Cerignola Olives

When buying olives to snack on, it’s best to invest in the good stuff. These Puglian olives grown, harvested, and sold by the Fratepietro family are bursting with briny umami and come off easily from the pit, making them the ideal aperitivo olive.

Float Ice Bucket

If you’re serving prosecco, you’ll want to keep it cold. This ice bucket is fun, colorful, and light years away from stuffy vintage crystal. It will brighten up your table and stop you from running back to the fridge every time you need a top-up. Just fill it with half ice and half water to ensure the bottle cools down evenly.

San Carlo Classic Potato Chips

While drinks often steal the show, the snacks are just as crucial to the aperitivo experience. There is just something about a drink and a bowl of potato chips that make for the perfect summer pairing. These Italian potato chips offer a contrasting crunchy, salty bite between sips.

Handcrafted Resin Nesting Bowls

You need something to put all those delicious crunchy snacks in, and these resin nesting bowls are a great option. While they look like marble, they’re lightweight and will add something special to your aperitivo table.

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