Daily News: The New Whiskey Glass Emoji, Two Drunk Spaniels


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

A cookie-flavored riff on the White Russian is drawing crowds at D.C.’s Christmas pop-up, Miracle on Seventh Street.

– While sales of sparkling wine and gin have risen, sherry sales in the U.K. have fallen by half, dropping to 10 million bottles.

– The rector of St. Wulfram’s Church in England hosts beer festivals and other events to reassert the cathedral as a community hub.

– After a tumultuous year, French winemakers are still angered over the importing of cheap Spanish wine.

Two spaniels that appeared “tiddly” had to be taken to the vet after accidentally consuming alcohol.

– Finally, there is a whiskey glass emoji.

[Photo: Flickr/fronx]

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