Daily News: Pol Roger Brings Back Pint Bottle, Princess Kate Takes a Shot

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

-In honor of Brexit, Pol Roger is planning to bottle its Champagne in Winston Churchill’s preferred measurement, the pint bottle, for the first time since the UK joined the EEC (which required the use of metric measurements).

-The new “Martini Smart Cube” is a bluetooth-enabled cube that will signal to your bartender when your drink is almost finished, find your friends who are nearby and cool your drink.

-A new video for Ciroc vodka will feature P Diddy and DJ Khaled; Diddy describes the spirit’s campaign as being intended to “empower and encourage entrepreneurs.”

-One study suggests that a glass of wine each night could lower a woman’s fertility.

-Finally, the Duchess of Cambridge poured a pint from behind the bar at a cider maker in Cornwall—and took a shot.

[Photo: Flickr/Peter Lindberg]