Illegal Alcoholic Slushies Under Investigation in NYC

Phrosties, NYC’s latest underground booze trend, are now under investigation by the State Liquor Authority according to CBS News. The alcoholic slushies were being distributed through a private Instagram page where “accepted” followers (of which there were more than 18,000) were provided with a phone number to request 24-hour delivery of these $10 Kool-Aid-colored cocktails.

After a flurry of media coverage, the SLA and Senator Chuck Schumer joined forces to take the illegal company down. “They seem to be sold online without limitations for age. A 12-year-old could probably buy one and get it and enjoy it because it’s filled with fruit punch and fruit juice,” said Schumer. Because the company does not have proper licensing, the issue of underage access and consumption is a primary concern alongside unregulated ingredients listing.

By Monday evening, the Phrosties Instagram page had been wiped clean of posts and followers, presumably to cover the operation’s slushy tracks. [CBS News] [Photo: Instagram/cocosocd]