Master Sommelier Curates Delta’s Business Class Wine Menu

Airports around the country are stepping up their food and drink game. LaGuardia’s newest addition includes American Express’s Centurion Lounge with cocktails curated by PDT’s Jim Meehan and food by Cedric Vongerichten, and we’ve been known to change terminals just to wait in line at JFK’s Shake Shack outlet. Airlines have begun to pay more attention to their bills of fare too, including Delta which has charged Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson with creating a program for its Business Elite class according to Forbes

In order to create a holistic program, Robinson considers the “volume availability, origin of the wine, price, how the wine performs at altitude, and which new wine categories are positioned to “capture people’s imaginations.”” She then relates this information to Delta’s flight routes and the tastes of its passengers along these routes. For instance, new flights originating from Seattle will allow her to add a Washington state wine to the list emphasizing the region’s devotion to local wines. 

Fingers crossed Robinson’s efforts in Business Elite will trickle down to us commoners in coach. [Forbes] [Photo: Flickr/Christina Xu]