Specialty Craft Beer Glassware Is on the Rise

craft beer glass

Bartenders and craft beer lovers are starting to take their glassware options more seriously, says Tasting Table. It’s all for the common good, because according to Matt Rutkowski of glass making company Spiegelau, it makes all the difference. The right shaped glass can help ensure “the full experience that the brewmaster intended” says Rutkowski, who himself has designed glasses specifically for IPAs and stouts.

One crucial point that craft beer experts everywhere will tell you: we’ve been doing it wrong with the classic pint glass this whole time. Rather than helping you enjoy the unique flavors of a beer, a classic pint glass will simply flood your mouth with it (which can also be good sometimes, let’s be real).

Rutkowski’s IPA glass, for example, was designed over the span of a year in partnership with Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada and features a curved bowl that helps the beer’s aroma go straight to your nose, as well as a ribbed base that creates a frothier beer through greater surface area. [Tasting Table][Photo: Flickr/adambarhan]