Surviving Happy Hour with a Baby in Tow

For most parents, happy hour consists of daycare pick-ups, cutting grilled cheese into triangles and cajoling toddlers to eat their vegetables. As beer writer and new father Joshua M. Bernstein embarks on this exciting few years of baby-raising, he’ll be chronicling his attempts to keep happy hour sane and satisfying.

In his first column of “Beer with Baby” for First We Feast, Bernstein recounts a post-daycare shopping trip with his newborn, Violet, where he seeks out the aisle filled with pilsners, pale ales and kölsches which are best for the parent under pressure. The key is “flavor, refreshment and low alcohol,” or beers where “the sweet spot slinks below 6% ABV, decreasing the risk for a most unforgivable sin: dropping your infant.” He ends up with Elysian’s Super Fuzz that, ” like parenting, was full of bitterness mixed with moments as bright as sunshine.” It got him through the night. [First We Feast]