Jame's Gate Boston Irish pub

James’s Gate

James’s Gate is divided into two halves: the restaurant and the pub.  It’s probably no surprise that you should stick to the half devoted to drinking, where the bar stools…

The Plough and Stars Boston Irish pub

The Plough and Stars

Tucked along the stretch between Harvard and Central Squares, The Plough and Stars—named after the 1926 play by Irish playwright Sean O’Casey—aptly offers a rich literary history. The bar opened…

Brendan Behan Boston Irish pub

Brendan Behan

The Behan is a no-fuss, no-muss kind of pub. You won’t find flat-screen TVs, a credit card machine, hordes of Sox jerseys or even a kitchen. No, The Behan brings…

The Druid Boston Irish pub

The Druid

Tucked into an old mercantile building in Inman Square and surrounded by vintage stores and coffee shops, The Druid is a tiny room of a bar that feels about as…